Deleting Windows Workgroup

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Removing workgroup from network

One of the best things about a LAN network is the workgroup computers. These computers of the LAN network have common resources and responsibilities. Workgroups are used for easy sharing of files, data, and devices over the network. The default network of computers in any Windows circle is called the “Workgroup”. However, the users have the provision of naming these workgroups with different names according to the need. A Windows workgroup can have a maximum of 15 computers, beyond which the managing will become tedious and difficult to track the sharing and transfers. If the number of computers has to be increased in a Windows workgroup, then a server-client approach is advised.

Often users will change the name of the Windows workgroup to something else related to the work or with the other users with whom the sharing is needed. In some cases, the users will find it difficult in deleting the original default Workgroup. This article will help you in deleting the default Workgroup from the network. Follow the below given steps to delete windows work group.

Instructions by Windows help

To delete the Windows workgroup, follow the given procedure. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the Windows desktop and click on the Start button.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Click on System.
  • Select the tab labeled Computer Name, and take note of the name that is next to the word Workgroup.
  • Close the window; go back to the Windows desktop.
  • Click Start again and select My Network Places.
  • The icons showing the workgroups will appear, one of them being the new one you created.
  • Go back to the Control Panel and click on System and Computer Nameagain.

    Windows Help, windows workgroup

    Removing workgroup from network

  • Click on Change and then change the Workgroup name to the name of the new workgroup you created.
  • Reboot the computer, and you are finished.
  • The Workgroup has been removed.
  • The Add Network Place Wizard will help the users in creating new shortcuts to shared folders and resources on the network, Web, and FTP servers.

These steps will help you in deleting the windows workgroup. If it seems that you cannot complete the process or encounter any difficulties, contact Windows help for more assistance.

Hope this one was informative for you! Ciao!

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