Repair Vista problems with your Windows Explorer

How can you not realize the importance of your Windows Explorer? It’s the only component which gives you access to your hard drive’s contents. This extremely useful file manager tool fulfills a number of roles in your PC.

Vista problems can occur when your Windows Explorer is malfunctioning. Repairing these Vista problems is not a big deal. You can use the pre-installed ‘Backup and Restore Center’ to repair Explorer. In case you have a backup of the Windows system, this Outlook repair tool can fix your Vista problems without reverting your whole system back to an earlier state. Now take a look at how you can repair these Vista problems using the Windows Backup disk.

Instructions to troubleshoot Vista problems

Windows Explorer provides graphical user interface to access your files. It is also responsible for displaying the desktop icons, the Start Menu, the Taskbar, and the Control Panel. So it’s obvious that you must fix any issue with your Explorer at the earliest. You can repair your Vista problems with Explorer using the backup disk.

Insert the disk containing the backup of your Windows system files. Head to ‘Control Panel’ under the ‘Start’ menu and expand on ‘System and Maintenance’ icon. Now click ‘Restore Files’ button and hit ‘Browse for Files’ in the next window. Select the ‘Windows Explorer’ file name and then choose ‘Original Location.’ Once you hit ‘Restore’, it starts repairing the Vista problems.

Your Vista problems can be easily fixed with this disk. If you don’t have the disk, then get ready for some complex troubleshooting steps. This requires that you try system restore to resolve your Vista problems. Either way, you have your way out of the Vista issues.

So the next time you have any trouble with Explorer, try these steps. Did anyone say that you cannot use outlook repair to fix Vista problems on your own? Your chance to prove them wrong.