Fixing Problems With Vista

Vista Problems

Solve Vista Problems

Among the different platforms released by Microsoft, Windows Vista is the platform that succeeded Windows XP. The operating system was launched in the tech world with a big bang and expectations were quite high. After the release of the beta version of Vista, quite a large number of users tried the same and enjoyed its major benefits. Even though Vista was backed by lots of appealing features, the platform turned to be sluggish when compared to its Windows predecessors.

Vista depends mainly on its registry and all its software and hardware functions are handled by the same. Since registry forms the main location for dealing with Vista functions, they are the root cause of Vista problems and errors. You might install different types of programs on your Vista platform and not all of them would be installed successfully. This would lead to corrupted entries that remain in the registry of Vista. Several cluttered and fragmented files that can affect the normal functioning of your computer would be present in the registry.

In order to fix Vista problems, it is essential to clean the errors and problems seen in the registry. Fixing these errors could avoid problems like blue screen error and problem with physical memory of the computer.

Windows Predecessors

How To Fix Vista Problems

If you are technically adept, you can open the registry by opening the “Run application” and typing “regedit”. You can alter the settings and get the corrupted entries deleted. This should be performed only if you have a thorough knowledge of the process. If you are not an expert, then the best way to fix problems with Vista is by making use of a Vista registry cleaner tool. The tool is quite advanced and you can simply run the same to fix the issues. The software will deal with your registry and delete unwanted and corrupted files.

As an initial step, the cleaner tool will take a complete back up of your Vista registry. This can be considered as a safe method that can help to recover registry if any step goes wrong. The tool offers both automatic as well as manual cleanup options. You can even try to optimize the tool according to your requirements. There are certain tools that remove your personal information from your registry in order to protect them from hackers.

You can consider trying a suitable registry cleaner tool if you face problems with the Vista platform. A majority of tools that are available online are found to offer effective results.

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Learn To Troubleshoot Windows Vista Slow Network Connection

Vista Problems

         Network Problems In Vista

Windows Vista is one of the operating systems developed by Microsoft. It was released prior to Windows 7. Windows Vista has a large variety of tools and software that makes life easy for the users. One of the features that are extensively used is the internet connection. Windows Vista allows the user to connect to the internet both hard-wired and wirelessly.

As with every other operating system, Windows Vista also has a few issues. However, these issues can be resolved with some basic fixes. One of the Vista Problems is the slowing down of the internet connection. One of the basic steps that can troubleshoot an internet connection is to check the router or the modem and ensure that it is functioning properly. Unplug and re-plug the socket of the modem and check the internet connection. If the problem persists then go for problem diagnosing and fixing of the internet connection.

Instruction to troubleshoot Slow Network Connection in Windows Vista

  • To the bottom let of the screen on the desktop, you would find a Start button. Click on the start button.
  • In the menu, click on the option that says Network.
  • Now click on the Network And Sharing Center button. Look for the Network Connection that you are using. Click on the link that says View Status to the right hand side of the network connection name.

    Microsoft Support Page

                       Vista Is Successor To XP

  • Click on the button that says Diagnose; Windows Vista will now start diagnosing the problem. Wait until it completes the check. In case it encounters a problem, it will try to resolve the issue by default. In rare cases, Vista will not be able to solve the issue; hence, it will populate a list on what the issue is and the list of steps that ought to be followed to resolve the issue.
  • Try refreshing the network connection. Go to the Properties Window of the internet connection. Now, click on the Disable button. Click on the Enable button once the network is disabled. Most of the problems are resolved by refreshing the network.

Follow these steps to fix the internet network issues. However, if the Vista problems persist, then you might have to get in touch with a Windows technician to resolve the issue. Call up the Toll free number 1-800-642-7676 and get assistance from the technician or you can visit the Microsoft support page online to find different ways to troubleshoot the issues.

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Microsoft To Introduce Kill Switch In Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

The introduction of mobile phones has had immense impact on people. They have simplified our lives. Today, people are more inclined to using smartphones than mere mobile handsets. Smartphones are integrated with multiple features such as internet access, camera, music player, video player and many more. Features like video chatting are no more a unique feature in laptops or desktops. If you have a smartphone that is equipped with front camera and 3G support, you can login to your Skype account and video-chat with your friends. However, smartphones are misused by criminals for their malicious causes.

To control the misuse of smartphones by criminals, Microsoft has recently announced that it would integrate a feature called Kill Switch with its upcoming version of Windows Phone. According to Windows help site, Kill Switch enables a user to deactivate his smartphone once it is stolen or lost from his hand. A similar feature is being planned by Google too. According to a report published in Bloomberg, Google will introduce an option called ‘Factory reset protection solution’, a feature somewhat similar to Kill Switch on Windows Phone, from the next Android version onward.

Microsoft working on new anti-theft capabilities for Windows Phone

Meanwhile, another report suggests that Microsoft is half way working on advanced anti-theft capabilities for the latest versions of Windows Phone operating systems. Perhaps, some of the features could be added to the existing versions of Windows Phone such as Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 by updating the Find My Phone feature. The estimated timeline for the release of these updates is July 2015. Microsoft’s Fred Humphries said that he believed that the technology could reduce crimes.

Microsoft’s Kill Switch may be inspired by Apple’s Activation Lock

Internet Access

Windows Support Page

Although Microsoft’ Windows help blog claims that its Kill Switch option was developed by its own developers who had been working on it for a long time, critics believe that the feature could be an adaptation of Apple’s ‘Activation Lock’. Apple integrated two streamlined anti-theft features with its My iPhone App update released in September 2013. The features were received wholeheartedly by iPhone users across the world. Reports indicate that the anti-theft features introduced by Apple were able to reduce iPhone thefts across America by 20 percent.

According to Windows help desk, stolen smartphones are used to commit more than 60 percent of the cyber related crimes. If the theft of smartphones is controlled, the number of cyber crimes can also be reduced largely.

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Fixing Slow Network Connection In Windows Vista

Vista Problems

          Fix Vista Problems

Windows Vista is an operating system that was released to the market as a successor of the Windows XP operating system. Even though the operating system was introduced with a radical user interface and new features, it failed to create magic in the market. The users who have installed Windows Vista can easily connect their system to a network using a wireless technology or through the RJ45 jack of the system. One of the important issues that a person may have while using the network is low speed. Most people prefer to call the support guys when they see little trouble with their system. If you follow the simple steps given below, there will be no need to get help from the support team. Instructions

  • Move the mouse pointer to the left bottom corner of the screen and then click on the Start menu button located there for opening the start menu. Click on the Network tab found in the set of options displayed on the Start menu.
  • In the new window that appears on the screen, click on the button labeled as Network and Sharing Center. Look for your connection in the page and then click on the option labeled as View Status, found next to the network connection’s name.
  • Now click on the Diagnose button found in the new page that appears on the screen. The system will now look for Vista problems related to network by diagnosing the network. If the system finds any Vista problems, it will
    Vista Help

                    Problems In Vista

    try to fix the issue automatically. If the system was unsuccessful in fixing the issue, it will display you a message quoting the type of error, and the steps for fixing the issue manually.

  • One of the simplest troubleshooting steps that anyone can follow is to just restarting the network connection. This can be done by navigating to the Properties section of the network connection and then clicking on the Disable button and then on the Enable button after you receive a message stating the network is disabled.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you would be able to fix all the issues with the network connection in a Windows Vista computer. However if you are still having network connection issues even after following the instructions given above, feel free to contact the Vista help and support team for fixing the issue.

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Steps To Resolve Wireless Network Issues In Windows Vista

Vista Problems

       Windows Vista OS

Windows Vista operating system was released in the year 2007 and it included many novel features. Some of the features that were introduced with the operating system include Windows Gadgets, Windows Search, Windows Defender etc.

Now, soon after the release of this operating system, there were also complaints about various Windows Vista problems. Some people complained about the slow performance of the operating system while many others were disappointed with the increased security features. The operating system also had wireless network disconnection issues. This problem occurred frequently where the users lost the wireless network connection. In this post, we will find out how to troubleshoot and fix this error.

Steps Involved

Before beginning the troubleshooting steps, it is necessary that you check the range of your wireless router and find out if your computer or laptop is within this range. Keep in mind that if your computer is just within the limits of the router, the wireless connection can be disrupted occasionally. If it falls within the range, follow the steps below.

  • Select the option Start and then click All Programs.
  • Click on any of the internet browsers present in the list of programs.
  • Once the internet browser comes up, enter the website address of the wireless card manufacturer and hit the Enter key.
  • All the hardware manufacturers will have a section for Support. Navigate to the support page.
  • Check for the section Downloads in the web page.
  • You will be asked to type the model number of the wireless network card. Enter the model number and search for the corresponding driver.
  • From the search results, download the appropriate driver to the computer.
  • Open the Start menu and click the option Control Panel.

    Windows Defender

                Windows Vista Installation

  • Double click the option Device Manager in the Control Panel window.
  • Go to the tab Network Adapters and locate the name of the wireless adapter in your computer. Double-click it.
  • Select the tab Drivers and click the option Update Driver.
  • Browse to the location of the driver file, which you had downloaded earlier. Select it and choose the button Open.
  • The above step will update the wireless network card with the latest drivers.
  • Restart your computer.

With the above steps, the Vista problems associated with the wireless connections can be fixed. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact our technical support team.

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