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Microsoft had many expectations while releasing Windows Vista in 2007. However, the various troubles encountered by the users with the operating system led to its downfall and it soon become one of the worst underperforming operating systems ever to be released by Microsoft. However, one of the interesting factors is that even after seven years since the release of this operating system, Windows Vista still runs on numerous computers around the world. Many people still run this operating system.

Now, one of common Windows Vista problems is the error code 10. In this post, we will find out the causes of this error, the steps to fix this error etc.


Error code 10 can occur if you have an issue with any of the drivers in the operating system. It occurs because the hardware component that is giving you the trouble might be using an outdated driver or using multiple drivers.


You can fix the above-mentioned error by two methods. The first step is to update the drivers and the second method is to carry out a Windows update. Let us go through these methods in detail.

Driver update

  • Press the Windows key and R key simultaneously and open the Run window. In the Run window, enter devmgmt.msc and click the button OK.
  • The above step opens the window for Device Manager. The device manager window will show you the list of all hardware components in the computer.
  • Choose the hardware component that is giving the error code and right click it. Choose the option Update Driver.
  • Once the driver update is over, restart your computer.

    Multiple Drivers

    Fix Vista Errors

Sometimes, the driver update from the device manager window fails. In such conditions, it is advisable to go to the official website of the device manufacturer and search for the drivers manually. Download and install the driver to fix the issue.

Windows update

Sometimes, a simple Windows update can fix the code 10 error. In order to carry out a Windows update, restart your computer in safe mode. Then, choose the Start button and click All Programs. Choose the option Windows Update. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the updates. Restart the computer when the installation finishes.

With the above steps, you can fix the Windows Vista problems associated with error code 10. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact our technical support team.

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Tips For Getting Access To 'Send To Folder' In Microsoft Windows Vista

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         Problems In Vista

Generally, users encounter some Vista problems when trying to change the ‘Send To’ context menu in Windows Vista operating system. Firstly, by default, Windows will hide all the files and folders and in order to view them, you need to configure your system. Second problem is that the folder named ‘Send To’ is not a folder at all and in fact, it is just there to help other programs to locate the original ‘Send To’ folder. Given below are some instructions that will help you to get access to the ‘Send to folder’ in Microsoft Windows Vista.

Viewing System Folders

  • Move your mouse pointer towards the left corner of your Windows Vista screen and find out the button labeled Start. After locating, click on it to reveal the Windows Start menu. From the here, you need to choose the option called My Computer. You can also open My Computer by just double clicking the My Computer option seen in the Vista desktop.
  • At the top of the menu bar, you will see an option called Tools. Click on it and after that, click the option labeled Folder Options.
  • Next, you need to click the tab called View.
  • Now, under the option for Hidden files and folders in the Advanced settings list, you will see an option called Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Click on it.
  • To bring about the changes that you have, you need to click the button called Apply and to exit the window, click the button called OK. Do not close the Explorer window.

    Windows Support

             Solution For Vista Problems

Accessing ‘Send To’ folder

  • Go to the location named C: \ Users \ <username> \ AppData\  Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ SendTo. In this case, your login username is the <username>. A folder name is represented by the phrase or each word that is presented between the “\” marks.
  • Click the button called Delete by highlighting the shortcut in the window.
  • Next, you need to access the shortcut creating wizard by right clicking on an empty space in the folder area and selecting the New option followed by Shortcut. This will help you in creating a new shortcut that will provide easy access to the ‘Send To’ menu.

These instructions from the Windows Vista help team will help you to get access to the ‘Send To’ folder in Windows Vista. If you need further help with Vista problems, contact our Windows support number.

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Fix The Items Shown In Vista Event Viewer

Vista Problems

                 Windows Vista errors

One of the tools capable of helping you solve issues in the computer in Windows Vista operating system is called Event viewer. The advantage of this tool is that it lets you browse through the different event logs in it and find a suitable solution to Vista problems as reported in the event log. There is an Administrative Events list in the event viewer tool, which consists of events like, warnings, information and errors.

In the Vista’s Event Viewer, you can use the tool and fix the issues in the computer. Here are the steps to use the tool in an effective way,

  • Click the Start Button. Select the Control Panel option form the start menu, from the window that opens, open the System And Maintenance folder and then the click on Administrative Tools.
  • Now, double click on the Event Viewer, click on the arrow that is next to Custom Views, and then click on the Administrative Events option.
  • From this window, select a warning or an error; click on the Event Log Online Help option. When there is a prompt, click on Yes, in order to send the described information in the dialogue box to online server.
  • A browser window opens up, in which you will be able to view information and details about the error or the warning. Carefully scrutinize the name of the product and its version to find out the defective application.
  • Click on the Start Menu, click on the Control Panel option, now click on the option System And Maintenance and
    Administrative Events

                       Windows Vista support

    then finally click on the option Problem Reports And Solutions. Click on the Check For New Solutions option. If prompted that Windows Vista needs more information to rectify the issue, click on the option Send Information. Under the option, you would find Solve Problems On Your Computer, under which you would find Solutions To Install. To get information to fix warnings and errors, click on the various links available in the Information about Other Problems list.

  • When an event is in the log, schedule a task. When you find an event, right click to select Attach Task to This Event. Give a name to the event in the wizard, and then click on Next two times. Select to start a program and then send an email when such events are logged. Click on Next, fill the required information and then, click Next and Finish.

This is the process for solving the Vista problems from the Event Viewer.

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Microsoft's Cloud Services On Offer To Small And Medium Enterprises In India

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Microsoft announced their plans to open up provision of the Azure cloud platform in India via its channel partners there, that currently number over 10, 000. This move stands to benefit the company with regards to exposure, especially among SMBs in the South-Asian regions.

Azure is now part of the open-licensing offer in India, having conspicuously remained apart all this time. Microsoft help & support center reports that many SME’s were keen to adopt the platform, while simultaneously working with local IT partners. By making a move of putting it out there, Microsoft has allowed SMB’s in India the provision to buy Azure cloud platform from local IT partners.

Previously, customers only had the option to purchase directly from the Azure website, or componential to an Enterprise Agreement (EA) signed with Microsoft. Microsoft help & support team highlights that the offer now comprises a complete set of enterprise-grade cloud services to increase efficiency and competitiveness. The previous open catalogue already contained Office 365, which means that with the addition of Azure, SMBs stand capable of quickly building and positioning applications for release at cheaper cost. They also have the chance of gaining faster investment returns.

A study by Nasscom and Frost & Sullivan revealed that small and medium businesses will spend a projected $18.5 billion on information technology by the end of fiscal year 2018, owing to the growing uptake of cloud and mobility services. This would contrast with the approximate Rs 47, 200 crore spent on IT in 2013. This was $8.7 billion following the then currency rate, with around 45 percent of it going into hardware, while 40 percent was spent on IT services. The remaining 15 percent went into licensing software, and software as a service (SaaS) program.

Azure Website

                    Microsoft IT Solutions

The uptake of SaaS is rising in the Indian market, especially among SMBs, and at a measured annual growth rate of 25 percent, it is projected to hit Rs 2, 000 crore by 2018. This apparently owes to the fact that over the years, customers have received the use and benefit of new technologies from Microsoft, who now have a 10, 000 partners network. These options from Microsoft help & support the development of SMBs the most.

That was a brief snapshot of the plans Microsoft has for the Indian subcontinent. Call our Microsoft help & support team for more details on the same.

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How To Reinstall Vista In A Computer Without Causing Data Loss

Vista Problems

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Usually, people go for fresh reinstallation of the operating system when they realize that their OS is corrupted or infected with a virus. But, doing so is sure to erase all data and installed programs in your PC. Windows Vista users are quite privileged in this regard. They can repair Vista problems through reinstallation of the OS but without losing any saved data or personalized settings during the process. How does this safe reinstallation work? What are the steps for the same? We discuss them in this article.


  • Turn your Windows Vista machine on.
  • Navigate to the Start button and choose the Search option.
  • Enter backup in the search box and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Choose Backup and Restore when Windows displays the results.
  • In the Back and Restore dialogue box, choose the option that says Back up files. This will save all your important files in a specific location. Following that, go to the option that says Back up computer. This will back up all contents in your PC and save them as an image file. You can move this image file to an external storage device. You will be prompted to select a backup location. Make sure that C: drive is not chosen as the backup location because you are going to erase everything on it during the clean installation of the OS.

OS reinstallation

Once you have backed up all your important data to an external storage device, you can begin reinstalling the OS. For this, you should have the Vista CD. Here are the steps for the reinstallation of the OS.

  • Insert the Vista CD in the disk drive and reboot your PC.

    Safe Reinstallation

               Solution For Vista Problems

  • Windows will prompt you now to press any key to initiate booting from the CD. Press any key on your keyboard to continue.
  • When Install Windows screen appears, locate and click the Install Now option. If your PC is connected to the internet, you can download and install latest Windows updates along with the OS reinstallation. For this, select the option that says Get important updates for installation.
  • Now, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the OS reinstallation. After the OS is successfully reinstalled, you will have to activate it using your Windows Vista product key.

By executing the above steps, you can successfully reinstall your Vista OS. Your computer would work without any commonly seen Vista problems.

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