Microsoft's Cloud Services On Offer To Small And Medium Enterprises In India

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Microsoft announced their plans to open up provision of the Azure cloud platform in India via its channel partners there, that currently number over 10, 000. This move stands to benefit the company with regards to exposure, especially among SMBs in the South-Asian regions.

Azure is now part of the open-licensing offer in India, having conspicuously remained apart all this time. Microsoft help & support center reports that many SME’s were keen to adopt the platform, while simultaneously working with local IT partners. By making a move of putting it out there, Microsoft has allowed SMB’s in India the provision to buy Azure cloud platform from local IT partners.

Previously, customers only had the option to purchase directly from the Azure website, or componential to an Enterprise Agreement (EA) signed with Microsoft. Microsoft help & support team highlights that the offer now comprises a complete set of enterprise-grade cloud services to increase efficiency and competitiveness. The previous open catalogue already contained Office 365, which means that with the addition of Azure, SMBs stand capable of quickly building and positioning applications for release at cheaper cost. They also have the chance of gaining faster investment returns.

A study by Nasscom and Frost & Sullivan revealed that small and medium businesses will spend a projected $18.5 billion on information technology by the end of fiscal year 2018, owing to the growing uptake of cloud and mobility services. This would contrast with the approximate Rs 47, 200 crore spent on IT in 2013. This was $8.7 billion following the then currency rate, with around 45 percent of it going into hardware, while 40 percent was spent on IT services. The remaining 15 percent went into licensing software, and software as a service (SaaS) program.

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The uptake of SaaS is rising in the Indian market, especially among SMBs, and at a measured annual growth rate of 25 percent, it is projected to hit Rs 2, 000 crore by 2018. This apparently owes to the fact that over the years, customers have received the use and benefit of new technologies from Microsoft, who now have a 10, 000 partners network. These options from Microsoft help & support the development of SMBs the most.

That was a brief snapshot of the plans Microsoft has for the Indian subcontinent. Call our Microsoft help & support team for more details on the same.

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How To Reinstall Vista In A Computer Without Causing Data Loss

Vista Problems

          Address Vista Problems

Usually, people go for fresh reinstallation of the operating system when they realize that their OS is corrupted or infected with a virus. But, doing so is sure to erase all data and installed programs in your PC. Windows Vista users are quite privileged in this regard. They can repair Vista problems through reinstallation of the OS but without losing any saved data or personalized settings during the process. How does this safe reinstallation work? What are the steps for the same? We discuss them in this article.


  • Turn your Windows Vista machine on.
  • Navigate to the Start button and choose the Search option.
  • Enter backup in the search box and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Choose Backup and Restore when Windows displays the results.
  • In the Back and Restore dialogue box, choose the option that says Back up files. This will save all your important files in a specific location. Following that, go to the option that says Back up computer. This will back up all contents in your PC and save them as an image file. You can move this image file to an external storage device. You will be prompted to select a backup location. Make sure that C: drive is not chosen as the backup location because you are going to erase everything on it during the clean installation of the OS.

OS reinstallation

Once you have backed up all your important data to an external storage device, you can begin reinstalling the OS. For this, you should have the Vista CD. Here are the steps for the reinstallation of the OS.

  • Insert the Vista CD in the disk drive and reboot your PC.

    Safe Reinstallation

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  • Windows will prompt you now to press any key to initiate booting from the CD. Press any key on your keyboard to continue.
  • When Install Windows screen appears, locate and click the Install Now option. If your PC is connected to the internet, you can download and install latest Windows updates along with the OS reinstallation. For this, select the option that says Get important updates for installation.
  • Now, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the OS reinstallation. After the OS is successfully reinstalled, you will have to activate it using your Windows Vista product key.

By executing the above steps, you can successfully reinstall your Vista OS. Your computer would work without any commonly seen Vista problems.

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Make Windows 7 look like a Mac OS X

Want to make your Windows 7 computer look like a MAC OS X? Omni Tech Support shows you how here:

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Easy Upgrade To Windows 8 From Your Old Windows OS

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

                About Windows 8 Features

You do not have to worry too much on how to upgrade to Windows 8, since Microsoft has introduced a slew of applications like Upgrade Assistant, PCMover Express, etc. to make the process easier. You can make use of any such application to reduce the chances of any OS installation errors. In addition, it is now possible to directly download the Windows 8 installation file from Windows server and purchase the product key online as well.

How to upgrade to Windows 8

First, make sure that your system is actually ready for Windows 8. You can click on the ‘how to upgrade to Windows 8‘ link that you see at Microsoft Windows web page to check that. This will take you to a new web page, where all the details about upgrading to the new operating system are mentioned. Click on the System Requirements link you see there and check them with your current system configuration.

You can also use the Upgrade Assistant application to do this for you. The link for downloading this app is also provided on the support page. Upgrade Assistant tool will scan the system and check the compatibility of its hardware and software components with the OS. If they are compatible, this will be mentioned on your screen. You need to follow the instructions provided by this application and make the necessary changes in the system configuration before installing Windows 8.

Here too, Upgrade Assistant app will help you with the task. You can click on the link provided in the app to start the download of Windows 8 installation files and for purchasing the new license key. You have to provide your credit card or online banking information for making the payment and you will receive the Product key after successful completion of the payment.

Windows 8 DVD

                Install Windows Upgrade Assistant

Now, you will be asked to choose the mode of installation from the three options – Install now, Install by creating media, and Install later from the Desktop. The best option is to create a Windows 8 DVD or external storage media first, before you start the installation process. So, choose the second option in this step and click Next.

The Windows 8 installation will take only a few minutes and you will be prompted to select the OS customization settings including the colour and theme for your new system. You can select the option Express Settings, if you do not want to take too much on customizing different OS settings. Once the installation is complete, you will see the new Windows 8 Metro UI on your screen.

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Will Microsoft Repeat History With The Xbox One

Vista Problems

           Vista Problems Info

We all know what happened with Microsoft Windows Vista earlier. It was probably the worst project the world’s largest software maker Microsoft Corporation ever undertook. No wonder, this operating system was such an easy target for the company’s biggest rival, Apple’s attack ads highlighting Vista problems. Of course, the customers were far from happy.

According to a report from Steve Ballmer, he had revealed that compatibility in Vista was not as high as many customers would have liked. This, he conceded a year before Windows 7 was released. Ballmer further added that most Windows users care a little bit more about compatibility than security. He believed that customers would come around eventually, but actually, they did not.

But more than Apple’s attack ads mocking Microsoft Windows Vista; the death of the operating system was more self-inflicted. It was the countless Vista problems with compatibility, that led its demise for sure. And now, reports say that the recently launched Xbox One gaming console is showing similar incompatibility issues.

Agreed, Xbox One is pounded with many advanced features. It has all the capabilities of being the very best when it comes to gaming consoles, but it has experiencing some compatibility issues lately.

Despite all the exciting and wonderful features, the one thing that could keep it from being the most popular gaming console is compatibility. Switching to the new Advanced Micro Devices chip architecture, makes the old game discs useless on the new gaming console. Actually, even Wii U and PlayStation 4 are powered by AMD, which support all old gaming titles.

More Self-Inflicted

           Repeat Vista Problems

The biggest causalities are video game retailers that depend mainly on resale business. Due to incompatibility, Xbox One owners would not buy old games, thereby affecting the margins in resale business hugely. But, the lack of backward compatibility will certainly sting Microsoft.

History may repeat itself, if things are not resolved now. Even this time, Microsoft is saying that people will come around and time would heal the dissent. Customers do not usually like going through the hassle of upgrading to a system that costs extra to make it functional. They would prefer using the old system, which was working fine instead.

It seems as if we are being too critical about Xbox One. To be fair, Xbox One is way better than Windows Vista. However, the thing here is, it is difficult to expect gamers to come around readily. Xbox One is doing fine at present, but could have been better with no compatibility glitches.

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