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Vista Problems

         About Microsoft Vista Support

Windows Vista is the operating system next in line to face the End of Support deadline. Microsoft’s tech support policy provides only ten years of support for its operating systems. For Windows XP, they provided more than 12 years of support, considering the popularity of the OS. But, for Windows Vista such a tech support service extension is not likely to happen, since it enjoys a very small user base.

Windows Vista still has a few more years of support left

However, the OS users need not worry about Vista problems any time soon. According to the Microsoft support website, Windows Vista’s Extended Support period expires only on November 4, 2017. So, there is no need to look for any OS upgrade for a few more years.

But, this extended support is not as useful as you think. You will be getting regular security patches and other essential OS updates. It might be possible to get paid support service for fixing some of the Vista problems, but there is no free support or OS feature updates available for Windows Vista anymore. Such services were included in the Mainstream Support service, which expired in October 2012.

The latest OS market share figures put the Vista user base at 3% of the total Desktop OS market. Though this looks too small compared to Windows 7 or Windows XP user base, this 3% represents thousands of users worldwide. With the end of Vista support, these users might have no choice, but to upgrade to the one of the new generation Windows operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Vista Support Services

              Fixing Vista OS Problems

As it happened with Windows XP, Microsoft will pull down all the tech support services and websites available to the Vista users after the End of Support date. The Enterprise users might receive paid tech support services, but the average users are likely to find such options unaffordable.

All the OS updates and Service Pack downloads will also be removed from the Microsoft support websites. So, if you have turned off the Automatic Updates option in your Vista OS, it might be a good idea to enable this option to receive all the latest updates available before Microsoft fully shuts down their Vista Support services.

It is not at all safe to use an operating system beyond its life cycle period. So, you need to prepare for the transition to a new generation OS before the End of Support date mentioned above. Contact our tech support personnel if you need any assistance with this.

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Fixing Common Windows Vista Update Issues

Vista Problems

          Windows Vista Issues

Many users who still use Windows Vista OS in their systems complain about the regular occurrence of errors while updating the operating system. Although the Windows tech support can be contacted anytime to fix such Vista problems, you can also use the following instructions if you encounter the same update error.

  • At first, you need to click on the All Programs option, which you can get after clicking on the Start Menu. Now, move onto the Windows Update option. Here, you need to click on the ‘check for updates‘ option and if you find any error here, you can search online to decode that error or go for Windows Vista help and support.
  • While you’re planning to install the update, make sure that you accept the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Software. This is because if you fail to do so, the Vista updates won’t install in your system. Now, if the errors are occurring due to the license terms, you can try installing them again and then accept the license terms. This will help your Updates to install successfully.
  • Always you need to ensure that there is optimum disk space in your Windows Vista computer. Now, if you find there’s low disk space, you need to remove any unwanted files or folders, temporary files etc. in order to create free space before the updates are installed.
  • Also, check if there are any problems associated with the Internet connection because the installation process can stop due to uneven or no internet connection.

    Vista Help

                        Windows Vista OS

Restoring the updates

You can also opt to restore the Windows Vista updates by accessing the Windows Update option from All Programs in the Start Menu. Now, you would be able to see the option, Restore Hidden Updates on the left panel. When the available list of options appears, you can opt to reinstall the update that you desire. In some cases, you would also need to provide the administrator password. Sometimes, you may also require rebooting your system in order to install the Windows updates. Hence, you do not need to worry about sudden rebooting of your computer during the installation process. Meanwhile, you can always contact the Vista help and support team to get more assistance on fixing these issues.

These are some of the essential steps that you need to follow in order to fix the common Vista problems associated with the installation of the updates. To know more, you may contact our tech support team.

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Xbox Controller Not Visible In Windows Vista

Vista Problems

                 Vista Errors

Windows Vista is a computer operating system that was designed and released by Microsoft. This operating system is still used by many of the computer users. The Xbox 360 is a gaming console. It was also designed by Microsoft. Microsoft has made it possible for the Xbox 360 gaming controller to be used with the computers that are powered by Windows operating system (Windows XP and up). Using Xbox with Windows Vista is simple and can be configured very easily.

If you have connected Xbox 360 gaming console to your Windows Vista computer and it is not being recognized, you can follow the steps that are discussed below to download the Xbox 360 controller driver from the official Microsoft website. The steps are relatively simple and can be done easily. You will have to be careful while doing the steps so that you will not encounter any Vista problems.


  • As the first step, you will need to connect the Xbox 360 gaming controller to the Windows Vista PC and then navigate to the Microsoft Gaming Software Download page.
  • Choose the controller as the type of product, and then select Xbox 360 Controller for Windows as product, and choose Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit) as the operating system. You can then select your language and then click on the Go button.

    Xbox With Windows Vista

                  Windows Vista OS

  • You will need to follow the onscreen instructions to download the driver installation file from the website and then save it to an easily accessible location. After the download is finished successfully, you can double-click on the file to run it. Click on the Install button and then restart your PC when the installation is completed.
  • You can test your controller by clicking on the Start button to open the Start menu, typing in joy.cpl in the Search box, pressing the Enter key, choosing Xbox 360 Controller, selecting Properties and then trying to make use of all the functions on the controller to ensure that they register on screen.

These are the steps to be done to fix the issue when Xbox controller is not being recognized by the Windows Vista PC. You will have to do the steps with much care so that you will not encounter any Vista problems while setting up the Xbox controller. If you wish to know more on the steps or would like to get more help in finishing these steps, you can contact our Windows help and support team.

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Vista Fails To Shut Down - Causes And Solutions


Address Vista Problems

There is no way you can predict when or where your PC would run into problems. There is a sort of uncertainty about it; all that you can be certain about is that you will run into a PC issue some time or the other. So, be prepared to face any issue so that it will least impact your work and schedule. If the operating system installed on your PC is Vista, there are more chances for problems because the OS is notorious for causing problems. Sometimes the issues might sound silly but they can potentially ruin your entire day. For instance, many Vista users I have come across have admitted that they had confronted problems with shutting down the PC at some point.

Shutting down issues in Vista

According to Microsoft experts who deal with Vista problems, there are two reasons behind you being not able to shut down your Vista PC. They are: one, a critical file in the Windows Registry may have become corrupted or got deleted by mistake and two, the registry may have become messed up. There is something common with both causes, the issue originates from the Windows Registry. In order to resolve the issue, you need to reorganize the messed up Windows Registry or replace or repair the critical registry file that has got become corrupted.


Vista Problems And Solutions

Unfortunately, handling Windows Registry files is not everyone’s cup of tea. A small mistake perpetuated here by mistake could lead to corruption of the OS, the worst case of all Vista problems. So, it is recommended not to attempt to repair the Windows Registry errors manually. You can rely on any third party Windows Registry Cleaners for an immediate solution.

Fix the issue with the help of free Windows Registry Cleaner software

There are hundreds of free Windows Registry cleaner applications online. A simple Google search will help you find the link to download a registry cleaner for Vista. Once downloaded, go to the Downloads folder to locate the setup file of the Registry Cleaner. Double-click it to run. Follow the on-screen directions carefully to complete the task.

I am certain that you found these steps helpful in addressing the not-shutting down issue with your Vista PC. When you download the free Windows Registry cleaner application online, be advised to download it from authentic download centres. Windows Registry cleaner for Vista is a frequently sought-after tool, and there are many malicious tools disguised as authentic Registry cleaner tools.

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How To Deactivate Automatic Restart In Windows Vista During System Failure

Vista Problems

         Features Of Windows Vista

Even though Windows Vista operating system was a flop, it is still used by many people around the world. Just like any other operating system, it can sometimes give errors to the users. One of the Vista problems that at least some of you might have found in it is the Blue Screen of Death. Now, there are different BSOD errors. Therefore, the error code in the BSOD screen that you receive is very important to find a fix.

By default, Windows Vista operating system would restart immediately when it encounters a BSOD error. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the user to note down the error. However, if you disable the automatic restart option in the computer, you will get enough time to fix the error. In this post, we will find out the steps involved to disable the automatic restart option in the operating system.

Steps Involved

  • Turn on the computer and open the Start menu from the desktop screen.
  • In the Start menu, click the option Control Panel. In the Control Panel window, choose the option System and Maintenance. If you are in the Classic View of the window, you will not see this link. In this view, choose the System icon in the program. If you quickly want to access the System link, open the Start menu and type System in the Search bar. Click the option System from the search results. This will directly take you to the System window.
  • You will find the task pane on the left pane of the System window.  Here, choose the option Advanced System Settings.
  • Go to the Startup and Recovery window. Select the option Settings in the window.
  • Uncheck the option next to Automatically restart.

    Windows Vista Operating System

            Fix Windows Vista Errors

  • Select the button OK to close the Startup and Recovery window.
  • Choose the option OK to close the window for System Properties.
  • Close the window for System Properties.
  • Close the window for System.

With the above steps, your PC will no longer reboot during a BSOD error. This will help you to note down the BSOD error, which can be used to find the solution to the particular error. If at any point of time, you wish to restart your PC automatically, all you need to do is repeat the above steps and check the option for automatically restart. For further assistance on Vista problems, you may contact our technical support team.

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